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Recommendation Letter of Mr Rahmi KOÇ


8 December 1982 

Dear Sirs,

The Selamoğlu Transportation Company was founded by Mr. Mehmet Emin Selamoğlu in 1951.

He started in 1959 as a maintenance shop owner for heavy overland transportation units. Since our group was manufacturing and marketing these units we had close ties with his shop right from the beginning.

Mr. Selamoğlu having come from the repair and maintenance side of the business has expanded his operation as demand grew. He knows the transportation business and its problems inside out.

Having grown with the business and employing family members;- two sons,son in-law and other members of the family, -they keep very close watch on day to day operations.Because it is a family concern,Selamoğlu, in most cases, is able to quote more reasonable prices than its competitors.

His Ankara headquartered operation extends from London to Jeddah and from Libya to Tehran.They are stil transporting most of our components for out automotive manufacturing plants anda re carrying our exports overseas.They are reliable, honest and very punctual. I did not hear of any company that did business with Selamoğlu that was not satisfied.

It gives me pleasure to recommend Selamoğlu to those companies who do not want any transportation problems.


Rahmi M. Koç 



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