Selamoğlu Nakliyat

Our Founder

Mehmet Emin Selamoğlu was born in 1922 at Isahocalı village Kırşehir.

After the primary school, in 1934 he came to Ankara,

and started to work with his uncles’ radio cabstand.

At World War II, he was in the army in the transportation field,

as a driving teacher, for 44 months.

In 1947, he founded “Güven Taksi” (cabstand), the radio taxi stand.

In 1949, he established the first modern gas station in Ankara,

at the intersection of Selanik Caddesi and Ziya Gökalp Caddesi.

Meanwhile, he was at the foundation and at the administration of

professional institutions, such as Drivers Association and Artisans Bail Cooperative.

In 1951, he created his own fleet and started the truck transportation.

He did the assembling of Chevrolet trucks belonging to American Aid Committee

and did the representative of Hungarian Chepel trucks.

In 1961, being a representative of Koç Group, he opened Fiat trucks’ repair service.

In 1963, he produced the first truck of Fiat chassis that had just existed

at Armed Forces till then.

In 1968, he started the first permanent and continuous land transport of

Turkey with TIR carnet and the first car transport with double decks in Turkey.

In 1970 he opened the first Turkish office in Italy.

He became the official Tofaş dealer. He opened the second Tofaş service

after Koç Group itself.

In 1974, he was at the foundation of International Transporter’s Association of Turkey

and he was a board member and second president.

In 1985, Mehmet Emin Selamoğlu opened a primary school of his name

at the village where he was born.

When we look at his life, he was raised from the ranks;

he advanced with slow but firm steps on the path of his truth,

and thanks to his hard work and honesty, he built his company on solid foundations.

Mehmet Emin Selamoğlu passed away in 1994,

he had four children (Ferhan, Ferhat, Fırat, Fazilet) and eight grand-children.


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